10 photos of Cherry blossoms in Japan

If you ask me to enumerate all the things that I love about Japan, you’ll probably not gonna hear the end of it. From its basic but sublime cuisine to its rich but action-packed history to their gentle but efficient way of life, Japan has always captivated me considering that childhood.

But one thing that I have always been fascinated with is the cherry blossoms. maybe it’s because of how my favorite manga and anime shows have romanticized the way their petals gracefully fall to the ground and slowly get blown by the wind. maybe it’s the way their pink and white foliage paint a new character to the landscape. Whatever it is, it is one of the lots of reasons Japan was a long-time dream destination.

Cherry blossoms are the flowers of lots of trees that belong to the genus Prunus. a lot of common of these is the Japanese Cherry Tree (Prunus serrulata), which is locally known as — you know this — sakura.

Two years ago, I had the opportunity to visit the Land of the Rising sun again. It wasn’t my first time in Japan; I had seen it in summer and winter. but kid was it splendid during spring! It was early April, and I wasn’t expecting I could still see the cherry blossoms. Bloom forecast said it would be over by then, so I was pleasantly shocked to see them adorning the streets and parks of Osaka, Kyoto, Tokyo and Ibaraki. here are some photos that I took along the way.

In Kyoto
In Osaka
At Osaka Castle

At Osaka Castle
At Osaka Castle
At Ueno Park, Tokyo
At Ueno Park, Tokyo
Cherry blossoms is locally referred to as “Sakura”
At Hitachi Seaside Park
At Hitachi Seaside Park

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