Lofos restaurant on Zakynthos Island, Greece

in some cases you get to a restaurant and quickly you can tell you’re going to love it. Lofos restaurant in Zakynthos Greece was just that kind of place for us. A warm welcome as we walked in the front patio area and of course, those spectacular views over the rugged interior and rolling hills of Zakynthos.

Where is Lofos Restaurant?

?Unnamed Rd,, Meso Gerakari 291 00, Greece

Lofos restaurant is located atop one of the highest hills in Meso Gerakari in the center of Zakynthos. To get here you’ll pass through some very narrow roads and meander your way to the top of the hill where you have the wonderful panorama of nearly all of Zante Island.

The restaurant is about a 19-minute drive from Zante Town, 24 minutes from Laganas and about 20 minutes from Tsilivi, which, if you’re trying to figure out where to stay in Zakynthos, are 3 of the main areas.

Basically you’ll need a automobile to get to the restaurant, but having a automobile in Zakynthos (around €16 / day) is certainly worth it anyways.

Must-Try meals at Lofos Restaurant

We returned to Lofos Restaurant, Zakynthos quite a few times and we had a few different meals on the menu. The roast lamb and the beef stew were both extremely tasty and they also serve pizza, salads, steak and numerous other dishes. 

Every time we went there we were too full for dessert, but that didn’t stop the waiter from coming out and giving us one for totally free anyways. Basically, everything on the menu is great, but even if you just come for a couple of drinks while the sun sets, this is a wonderful restaurant and it certainly is one of the best restaurants in Zakynthos.


Every time we went to Lofos restaurant Zakynthos we had outstanding service. The place feels like a common small, family-run restaurant and when you’re there, you feel a bit like family too. especially when you return a couple of times and they get to know you!

It’s a small restaurant with only about a dozen tables, so the service is intimate and efficient. The staff is attentive and friendly and we had good service each time we came here.

The Ambiance

The ambiance at this place, particularly at sunset is fantastic. There’s in some cases some Greek music playing, the sun is setting over the hills, the church is glowing on the hill behind you and the restaurant is buzzing with people having wonderful food, drinks and of course, taking photos of the view.


Ce pot sa spun? The view from Lofos restaurant is spectacular. You can see the farmland below as well as some dramatic cliffs. The deck faces the west so in the late afternoon the warm Mediterranean sun pours onto the patio.

In the summer it can be a bit hot just before the sun goes down, so it’s best to come in the final hour or so before sunset if you don’t want to be roasting while you’re enjoying your drink.

To the best of the vehicle parking lot for Lofos restaurant is the stunning Agios Nikolaos Greek Orthodox Church which sits atop a slightly taller hill. At sunset, the church is the only thing in the area that’s lit up as the shadows creep over the restaurant and the valleys below.


The price is actually very good at Lofos restaurant in Zakynthos Greece especially considering the location. Usually, a place with a wonderful view like this would charge up to twice the price of a regular restaurant, but Lofos is around the same price as an average restaurant in Zakynthos.

The roast lamb that I purchased was €9 and came with veggies and potatoes, while the beef stew was €8 and very filling. Both are delicious. Beers are around €2.5 and appetizers are just €4 each.

If you come here as a couple and have a half litre of wine, an appetizer, a couple of mains and a dessert you won’t likely pay much more than €30, which is terrific for Zante Island.

How To Reserve

Call +30 2695 062643


When we were last in Zakynthos it was March, in the shoulder-season (the best time to check out Greece) so there weren’t too numerous tourists here and we didn’t have to reserve in advance, but if you’re here in the high season you may want to give them a call to see if there will be tables available. 

Every table on the deck has a terrific view so you don’t have to worry about not getting a good seat as long as you’re outside. They also have a Facebook page that you can contact them on.

Our Opinion

At the end of our stay in Zakynthos this was certainly one of our preferred restaurants and in fact, heading to this place at sunset was one of the best things to do in Zakynthos. 

We found the staff to be kind and courteous and made us feel like family (even thnu ne -au hrănit prea mult). Mâncarea a ieșit mereu repede, ambianța a fost drăguță, porțiunile au fost generoase, iar mâncarea a fost delicioasă.

Dacă sunteți în căutarea unui restaurant în Zakynthos, unde vă puteți încânta într -o vedere spectaculoasă a insulei și a Mării Ionice, în timp ce aveți mâncare grozavă la un preț economic, atunci Lofos este o opțiune grozavă.

Cred că singurul dezavantaj ar fi locația. Este puțin departe de toate, dar în unele cazuri trebuie să conduci puțin pentru a ajunge la un loc uimitor ca acesta.

Vă recomandăm să aveți o mașină de închiriat, cel puțin pentru o parte din timp pe Zakynthos, astfel încât să puteți explora insula, iar aceasta este o oprire ideală de prânz sau cină în orice program de călătorie rutieră din jurul insulei. Dacă stai în sud, te poți opri la Lofos în drum spre plaja Navagio sau la întoarcere după ce ai văzut plaja de pe platforma de văzut.

În general, am constatat că Zakynthos a fost unul dintre cele mai bune locuri pentru a verifica în Grecia, iar restaurantul Lofos a fost unul dintre cele mai bune restaurante (cu siguranță cu cea mai bună vedere) la care am mers în timp ce ne -am aflat pe insulă.

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