HITACHI SEASIDE PARK: early spring Blooms in Ibaraki, Japan

I was so prepared for Hitachi Seaside Park. however it appeared like Hitachi Seaside Park was not prepared for me.

I’m not truly a flower kinda guy. Heck, the only flowers I might properly determine are roses, tulips, as well as sunflowers. as well as sampaguita. (I can absolutely determine sampaguita!) however it was the middle of spring. flowers in spring. Cliche, I know. Forgive me, however as somebody who was enjoying the season for the extremely very first time in my life, I won’t go back to tropical truth without a taste of floral bliss. From Tokyo, I traveled 90 minutes northeast to Hitachi Seaside Park. (Ninety minutes, I know, however I vow I’m not a flower kinda guy! LOL.)

A sea of bouquets!
The 190-hectare Hitachi Seaside Park is carpeted with flowering plants, taking turns in painting colors to the otherwise boringly virid landscape: nemophila, rose, as well as zinnia in summer; cosmos as well as kochia in autumn; narcissuses, tulips, as well as azaleas in spring. It was spring alright, however the past wintertime was having separation anxiety. It seemed like the blossoms were terrified of the leftover chilly as well as waiting on the sunshines of May. That as well as my timing was just a bit off. a lot of of these flowers bloom in late-April. I was there a couple of weeks as well early.

Fortunately, while tulips were a no-show, daffodils as well as other narcissuses were there to cheer up my gloomy, rainy day. The opening of this part of the park, the Suisen Garden, marks the beginning of spring. Over one million narcissuses of about 600 types fill the spaces between pinewoods that filter the rays of the sun.

The Suisen garden is one of the must-visit areas at the park during early spring.
The Suisen fantasy garden boasts daffodils as well as other narcissuses.
Daffodils are the stars of early spring right here at Hitachi Seaside Park. up until the infant blue eyes blossom.
Despite the bleak weather, a walk around the park can cheer up one’s day!

Had I checked out in mid-April, just when the final days of the narcissuses near, the tulips would have been up. There are over 270,000 stocks of 170 varieties of tulips in Tamago no Mori flower Garden, just south of the Suisen Garden. before the month ends, the nemophila (baby blue eyes) takes over, 4.5 million of them flooding the 3.5-hectare Miharashi Hills with an ocean of light blue petals, enhancing the Pacific blues next to it. When autumn comes, late September to mid-October, Miharashi Hills transforms into fiery spheres of crimson kochia (rusty molly) flowers.

In late April to mid-May, the hills of Mirahashi will be blanketed with nemophila flowers (baby blue eyes). They were just starting to bud during my visit.
Dark pink petals, however I believe these are likewise cherry blossoms.
Aside from the flowers, visitors may take pleasure in other attractions including the gigantic Ferris Wheel as well as an enjoyment center.
The flower Ring, a gigantic Ferris wheel, has ended up being the park’s a lot of recognizable icon.
Facing the Pacific! The Hitachi Seaside Park lies on the Ibaraki coast, dealing with the world’s greatest ocean.
A household walking their adorable akita dog.
Aside from the gardens, the site likewise harbors a number of restaurants, a disk golf area, as well as a BMX course. however the most dominant structure is the flower Ring, a gigantic Ferris Wheel that has ended up being an icon for the park. The height reaches 100 meters, using an unforgettable view of the lively landscape.

How to get to Hitachi Seaside Park: From Tokyo/Ueno, travel by train to Katsuta station (2270 JPY, 70-80 minutes). Take the Ibarakikotsu Bus to Hitachi Seaside Park (15-20 minutes).

Address: 605-4 Onuma-aza, Mawatari,
Hitachinaka-city, Ibaraki-prf, 312-0012, Japan

Contact Number: 029 265 9001
Admission Fee: 500 JPY

Operating Days:
Every day within the complying with periods:
March 26-May 31, July 21-August 31, October 1-31
The rest of the year, the park is closed on Tuesdays.

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