Lomi King: Where to eat in Lipa, Batangas, Philippines

growing up in Batangas, I am a sucker for lomi. and not just lomi — Batangas lomi. While most of my pals are disgusted by the super thick sauce that devours the egg noodles, I am all for it! I have tried various versions of lomi in many parts of the country but I always come back to the rich recipe that the Banguenos have perfected. If you’ve been to Batangas, you might have already noticed the many “lomi houses” that abound along the main roads, a testament to just how obsessed we are with this dish. Of course, the taste varies from one restaurant to another but the basic recipe remains the same.

Lomi special by Lomi King
Lomi King is probably the most popular noodle restaurant in Lipa City. While their specialty has always been pancit lomi, they also serve a wide variety of noodle dishes. On my last Batangas tour with my pals from Manila, we spent one night in Lipa and this was where we had dinner. Don’t be fooled by the prices. Yes, they’re unbelievably low-cost (average price of a dish is P69) but the serving is humongous! If you’re thinking of making it just a side dish, then better find someone to share it with.

Their lomi, as expected, is phenomenal. Its noodles are so tender and sauce so rich. There were also generous amount of vegetables, squid balls, and pork liver. There are three toppings to choose from — chicken, liempo, and fish fillet. Mine came with liempo chunks, which are cooked separately. In true Batangueno fashion, I made a mixture of calamansi juice, soy sauce, and chili pepper in one saucer and slowly added a teaspoon of it to my lomi every time I would have a spoonful of the dish. Their recipe is really flavorful with just the right combination of salty and the egg taste.

If lomi isn’t your thing, there are other pancits to choose from. My other favorite is mike-bihon because I love how the smoothness of bihon complements the much bigger mike noodles. like the lomi, their mike bihon guisado is served with a lot of vegetables (carrots, pechay baguio, spring onions) and pre-cooked meat toppings. Interestingly, it also comes with a bowl of sauce that are intended to be added to the dish as you dig in to it.

Miki-bihon guisado with liempo
Bihon Guisado with liempo
Bihon, sotanghon, canton, and palabok are also available at Lomi King!

There is nothing fancy about Lomi King. The place itself looks like your common eatery and their menu does not really complete a full-course meal. but it’s a good way to be introduced or, in my case, reintroduced to how much Batanguenos love their noodles. We love them good and we love them thick!

Lomi King
Ayala Highway, Barangay Sico, Lipa, Batangas

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