Silanguin Cove: getting Hooked on Zambales

My day was already made even before our boat hit the shore. We felt a minor tug from one of the fishing rods that stuck into the air like flag-less poles. Randy, our boatman for the day, rushed to the front as well as reeled in the morning’s very first catch: a wahoo. “Tanguigue in Tagalog,” Harry, one more companion, translated.

Our destination for that day was Silanguin Cove, the farthest of the recently “rediscovered” beaches in San Antonio, Zambales. While it bears lots of similarities with its neighbors, Silanguin is absolutely the strange guy out. While Nagsasa, Talisayin, as well as Anawangin are covered with volcanic ash, Silanguin is strewn with routine sand. It is not white-white. It’s not even beige. It is gray at best. however don’t judge the beach by its color. It has the most sensational backdrop. Reddish hills frame the cove, a stark contrast to their virid feet.

Randy, our boatman, reeling in a wahoo, our very first catch!
Two dogs dashed toward our boat as well as greeted us with unwelcoming barks. “They belong to the other resort,” Randy said. “They’re still not that utilized to visitors.” E de înțeles. Anawangin may have a lot more than its share of tourists, however Silanguin is still nearly unheard of. If you want peace of mind, this may be the very best San Antonio beach for you.

Even the waves right here are much friendlier, much gentler than those that tickle its neighbors. The sand doesn’t get as well hot under the sun, a issue I have with the ashes of Nagsasa as well as Anawangin. A few fundamental “resorts” line the coast. They offer fundamental accommodations (and utilize of restrooms) as well as paluto services for a fee. (Entrance is normally at PHP150.) Don’t expect contemporary amenities. Silanguin has been isolated from the rest of mainland Luzon by an expansive mountain variety as well as sprawling forests.

Silanguin Cove is tucked in a cape in Zambales, separated from the rest of mainland Luzon by a mountain range
Silanguin’s beach is strewn with gray sand, not volcanic ash.

View from Puerto Silanguin.
Silanguin Island
A hut for lease at Puerto Silanguin
A pet dog dashes toward us when we docked.
The southern ridge of the cove extends out to the sea as well as is jotted with a small, rocky island, which is likewise named after the area, Silanguin. The cove faces the questionable West Philippine Sea. A Philippine navy ship roams around the area during my visit. Its rich marine resources likewise offer a bounty for regional fishermen. Lately fishing excursions have taken form, with the boatmen likewise enabling guests to fish for leisure.

For boat tours: Contact: Harry Balais of 7107 Islands excursions at + 639176274945

Where to stay: camping is the very best method to experience the back-to-basics vibe of the place. If it’s not your thing, you may stay at one of the resorts. Puerto Silanguin has a two-room hut for P1500 per night. entrance charge is P150.

How to get to Silanguin Cove: the most prominent method of reaching Silanguin is by means of Pundaquit, where boat excursions to San Antonio’s lots of beaches are available. To get to Pundaquit, travel by bus (Victory Liner) to Iba as well as get off in front of San Antonio Market (P250-270). trip a tricycle to Pundaquit (P30). excursions expense P2000 for a return trip to Silanguin as well as P2500 for a excursion that likewise stops in Capones as well as Camara Islands. travel time is around 1 hour.

Alternatively, you may likewise get to Silanguin from Subic Bay, however needs a longer travel time (2 hours).


Entrance Fee: P150

Bus Fare (Manila-San Antonio): P250

Tricycle Fare (San Antonio-Pundaquit): P60 per 2 pax, or P30 per pax

Boat tour: P2000-P2500

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